Birding in Seville


Lagunas de Lantejuela. In the Countryside of Seville. Come to discover one of the most unknows regions for a great birding, The Lagoons of Lantejuela.

A perfect place for birding an discover Andalusia.

Lantejuela is a typical town in the countryside of Seville, surrounded by fields of cultivation and olive trees with breathtaking views of rolling hills and lakes.

Surrounded by 10-12 seasonal lagoons, Lantejuela is ideal for birdwatchers. You can find more than 100 different species of birds which include flamingos, birds of prey, … and species so difficult to see like the white-headed duck, bustard, …

It also highlights the population by its many tapas bars and outdoor terraces in summer with excellent quality – price.

Surrounded Monumental Baroque Cities of Osuna, Marchena, Ecija, Estepa, Carmona, is an ideal destination for lovers of culture.

Another strength is its location. Ideal as a starting point to move to the Andalusian capitals Seville, Cordoba, Ronda less than an hour and just over Granada and Malaga.

– Lantejuela (Countryside of Seville)
– Sevilla Airport: 80 Kms
– Sevilla Capital: 85 kms.
– Córdoba: 90 Kms
– Malaga Airport: 146 Kms
– Monumental Cities of the Countryside Sevillana de Carmona, Ecija, Osuna, Estepa, Marchena, … less than 20 minutes

For just a visit of a couple of hours to a hole week of birding and discovering the Historic Baroque Towns of the Countryside of Seville.

Send us an email and discover all that this little corner of Andalusia.


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* Professional birding guides
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* Birding Route of The Lagoons of Lantejuela
* Birding Route of the Steppe Birds
* Route of Inland Andalusia (Seville-Cordova and Historic Towns of Baroque Countryside)
* Route of Andalusia & Birding.

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