Pet-friendly holiday homes in Seville countryside, Andalusia

At Baex Rentals we know how much you love your pet, that’s why we have chosen several rural accommodations where your furry friend is always welcome because we know he is very well educated.

welcome pets

What we offer for your pet:

  • Holiday homes with fenced plot.
  • We accept all sizes and more than one pet.
  • They can stay alone in the accommodation
  • Drinker, sweets and trough, plastic pet bags, blanket or bed,… *may have extra charge
  • Wide areas for their leisure
  • Shower area
  • Free in almost all accommodations
your pet your resposability

What we expect from you:

  • We know that your pet is well behaved,…
  • Help us with the cleaning, collect their necessities,…
  • Don’t let them into the bed if they are dirty or may leave hair
  • They must be up to date with all their documentation, vaccinations and deworming.

And especially, an act of responsibility to show that travelling with our pets does not cause any problems.

Maybe this way there will be more and more pet-friendly places! We deserve it and so do our furry friends!


Training Professionals

Our holiday homes are highly appreciated by professionals who visit us from all over Europe for dog training, as our region is privileged in terms of wide fields, good climate and excellent accommodation. We have also had falconry lovers and the numerous international greyhound championships, hounds,…


Your pet is always welcome, but let us know before you come with your friend.

Let’s work together

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