The Sevillian countryside, with its towns with cobblestone streets and whitewashed facades, is a place where history mixes with authentic gastronomic flavors. This extensive region, with nearly 5000 km², has been inhabited by Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Christians and its gastronomic variety comes from them, reflecting the diversity of its lands and crops. Enjoy the authentic flavors of the gastronomic route through the countryside of Seville, we have prepared it for you, personally and we have enjoyed each of these restaurants as you will do on your visit.

Authentic Flavors: A walk through history

  • Phoenicians and Romans: The traces of the Phoenicians and Romans are found in the archaeological remains scattered throughout the countryside. From Roman villas to mosaics and aqueducts, ancient history comes to life around every corner.
  • Arab Era: During Arab domination, the countryside experienced a cultural flourishing. The fields were filled with olive trees, vineyards and cereals, and the alquerías (small villages) became centers of trade and production.
  • Christian Influence: The Reconquista brought with it the construction of churches, hermitages and castles. The countryside was filled with haciendas and farmhouses, and agriculture became the economic engine.

Our gastronomic route through the countryside of Seville

  1. Lantejuela:
  2. Osuna:
    • Kulinaria Cantina. A different proposal to traditional cuisine with international touches at the foot of the Osuna Bullring. Kulinaria Canteen
  3. Marchena:
  4. Ecija:
  5. Carmona:
    • Lolita Fusión: Lolita Fusión in Carmona is a place you should not miss. Its creative cuisine and cozy atmosphere make it stand out. It has an outdoor terrace, tapas bar and restaurant. Lolita Fusión in Carmona
  6. Seville capital:
    • La Cochera del Abuelo: It is simply spectacular cuisine from the hand of a young Chef. Better make a reservation as it is a small restaurant that you will want to return to!! Grandfather’s Garage
    • MaríaTrifulca: Located on the Triana Bridge with spectacular views of the Guadalquivir, this trendy restaurant offers fresh seafood and Andalusian cuisine. Maria Trifulca.

You can see all our recommended restaurants in this post:

We have prepared this gastronomic route especially for you. Enjoy the aromas, colors and flavors that make the Sevillian countryside a unique destination. Enjoy!

You can stay in our wonderful houses with the best location so as not to miss anything of this unforgettable gastronomic route through the Seville countryside:

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